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5.24.11 Comrades, Tir Asleen, Andreza, & Planet Ink

I don’t know if what I’m writing will give you a full picture of what’s going on, but I’ll try my best to capture it all. You may enjoy this, or you may think this is the biggest piece of trash. But hey, It’s my first entry and I’m sure the next few will suck also.

  • Andreza - Andreza started the night off at Planet Avalon with a great mood. Their music just puts a smile on my face with every note that is played. I’ll always see their faces while they are doing their set and you can just feel the good vibes that come from these guys (and gal). 
    The majority of their set was instrumental, but they do have a few songs that have lyrics and the voices of the band fit perfectly with what is being played.
    If you want music to just chill to, I suggest Andreza. I’m sure you will feel relaxed with the music that is put into your ears.
    Check them out here:

  • Tir Asleen - I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this Calhoun, GA based band. But what I heard and saw was intense. Their set was wild and very sporadic. The lead singer was a show within himself. In the middle of one of their songs, he grabbed a floor tom and went into the middle of the room, spat on the floor tom, and then start beating it with all the force he had.
    From talking to these guys, you wouldn’t Think that the music they played would be so loud and heavy. I really like what they did and I’m looking forward to seeing them soon 
    Check out Tir Asleen here:

  • Planet Ink - All I can say is that Planet Ink knows how to Rock n’ roll. Planet Ink was a sweet treat to my ears. Their sound is very tasteful and you will always catch yourself bobbing your head with their sweet tunes. 2/3 of the group is pretty young, but the music they play is really mature for their age. I’m sure if you listened to them, you would probably think they they were older men.
    The song that Planet Ink played tonight are still stuck in my head as I write this. The riffs that are placed in the songs couldn’t be written any better. I really see something good with this band.
    Planet Ink:

  • Comrades - This is a band you have to see experience before you die. Comrades is a one of a kind act and I wouldn’t be able to watch another band even try to attempt what they do. The sound they have is just so raw yet so simple. Every time I’ve seen Comrades, I just feel a connection to what they do. Comrades is a show. Some times I forget I’m watching a band because I am so mesmerized by just what they do. It’s amazingt how just instruments can bring a group of people to gether and all have a connection to it. That is the beauty of Comrades.
    They are just filled with beauty.

First post!

I really have nothing to write about yet, but there are a few shows coming up that I plan on attending.

The first one is Comrades, Tir Asleen, Andreza, and Planet Ink.
Check them out here!

Tir Asleen:
Planet Ink:

It will be at Planet Avalon on May 24th.

Look out for that post later on that night or the next day!